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Reviews for Dirty Dancing...


Another impressive vocalist, Alex Scolari, as Lisa Houseman, scored big with her offbeat, comic rendition of Lisa's Hula.
         - Broadway World (Omaha, Nebraska)


But the single best performance is given by Alex Scolari as Baby's older sister, Lisa. Her acting is fine and she brought down the house in her over-the-top "Hula Hana of Kamana Whala Hula Bay". With bad singing and movements that far exceeds the movies tame version.
         - Carolina Curtain Call (Greenville, South Carolina)


Alex Scolari, who plays Baby's sister Lisa, deserves kudos for her comic delivery. She's cute and silly as she mugs her way through one of the plays songs "Lisa's Hula.
         - (Omaha, Nebraska)


Baby's sister Lisa (Alex Scolari) has an atrociously hilarious "Hula" demonstrating just what the resort staff had to handle when guests wanted to perform.
         - Broadway World (Louisville, Kentucky)


Alex Scolari as Lisa, brings her character to life with easy grace, somehow giving original interpretations that nod knowingly to the original actors' onscreen performances.
         - Broadway World (Nashville, Tennessee)


 Alex Scolari, as Lisa, Baby's virginal awkward sister, provides some of the show's funniest moments. Her over the top performances during the camp's campy talent night is just that campy...and hilarious.
         - Examiner (Nashville, Tennessee)



Fashion conscious sister Lisa, amusingly played by Alex Scolari, whose delicious inept hula dance earns the productions biggest laughs.
         - Daily Herald (Chicago, Illinois)


Dramatically, cast members gave their all, especially the brilliantly inventive Alex Scolari, as Baby's pretentious sister Lisa, who encumbers Kellerman's with her showboat personality.
         - Culture Vulture (San Francisco, California)

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